Mission Focused Tactics for First Due Officers


Mission Focused Tactics for First Due Officers:

This program will provide Company and Command Level Officers with the necessary Recognition Primed Decision Making Skills (RPDM) to quickly establish a tactical and strategic plan with positive outcomes. Students will fully understand the concepts of escalating command to meet the needs of the changing fire ground. These concepts are based upon today’s fire ground, not yesterday’s urban myths about firefighting. Officers will develop an Incident Assignment Plan using Mission Focused Principles. This course is based upon today’s known scientific facts of fire behavior as demonstrated through studies conducted by NIST and UL. All aspects of command and IAP (Incident Action Plan) development will be exercised using real-world illustrations and dynamic simulation events. This lecture course will illustrate how the Command Officer can develop tactical and strategic decisions based upon known fire behavior concepts and properly apply actions which will benefit both civilians and firefighters.

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